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January 3, 2010

Happy New Year UTP-ans!!!

Hello There!!!

Happy New Year 2010!!

I like new year every year, because it give me an excuse to start everything new. Growth process (which is what life is) need constant renewal. That is how we can maintain the dynamic of life.

Soon when you graduate, do keep yourself abreast with the latest technology. Dont get stuck with the the knowledge you learn in during uni time.

Its what you start today will determine wheather you will smile or grip your teeth in regret on 31 Dec 2010.

Start fresh, start strong,start determined.Yourself need you!

Happy New Year,

Kak Sholihah


October 18, 2009

Work Performance

How you will be measured?

You will be measured by results.

Strings of excuses why the objective is not achieved has no place in work place.

Let me share with you a secret; boss knows if what you tell him is merely an excuse eventhough he looks like he belives what you said!Trust me.

Keep your personal integrity intact by keeping your dicipline in life in control. Personal diciplines tie tightly to your work dicipline.

So from now, even you are still in uni, do train yourself good self dicipline. Simple example, doing things on time, avoid late nights and have good health habits. It will pay in long run.

Good luck and take care!

Kak Sholihah


August 8, 2009

Developing the Right Attitude in Working

I was thrilled when Aishah from UTP invite me to contribute to CPW blog. As I passed the busy traffic of Jakarta on my way to work, my mind keep wandering what shall be the topic.

It was after a brisk walk this afternoon when a topic pops into my mind. Hmmm..I would like to start on sharing my ideas on developing the right attitude with your career.

Take work as a worship (ibadah). Work life is like a garden for us to play where we can have fun in learning, improving ourself and in return getting a reward (pay check la kan). In return, work enable us to contribute to larger ground ( family, our love ones, community and nation). Work is like an instrument for us to become a better person. So, take all the work challange, problem faced with a non-performing collegues for example or tough inquiry from client and other forms of challenge as part of the learning process. At the end of the day what we want is to be a better person. ..career wise and personal wise.


Career Placement Week 2009